Al2 | Thank you

Al2 | Thank you "The architect show"

Dec 13, 2022 Exhibitions
This year's Architect show was a big success, showcasing innovations and ideas that are very up-to-date. al2 was part of this show, presenting in its own way the new materials and innovations!

The concept of the show was the waste material and how we can reuse it. A very contemporary and sensitive concept that concerns all of us. 

al2 presented a side table that has a top made out of espresso waste. 

A new way of recycling and reusing the coffee waste today, always with an elegant approach.

Furthermore, al2 was part of the organisation of the show, by creating two panels made out of solid wood waste and ceramic waste. These panels can easily be used in hotel walls, restaurant walls and also house walls. 

Panels made out of solid wood and ceramic waste.

Thank you “the architect show” and see you all next year!

al2, art for living

Reception of the show featuring our fat-a sofa and our o-rizon low tables.
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