al2 Editorial feature on Architonic-al2

al2 Editorial feature on Architonic

Feb 25, 2021 Press
SOUL POWER: al2 An editorial feature on Architonic, written by Harriet Thorpe, that highlight the values, the philosophy and the production methods of the brand.

There is a story behind the design and production of every product. al2 products have an expressive character and a story to tell. In this editorial, these are the elements and principles highlighted, always in combination with the values of the brand. Every product has a soul that gives to it a special personality. 

For al2, “soul” is an integral part of the production line and is evident across all the steps of the production. From the conception to the execution, the soul is what connects the high-end materials and the mechanisms and the unique ideas, all together. 

al2 lowboard ka-bera a 011

The products have a versatile character and fit in every space, giving to it a deeper meaning. The choice of materials and colour combinations is what makes each product unique.

Al2 product synthesis. art for living e-klipse, lip

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