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The Company

The company’s main purpose is to produce unique, high-end furniture while constantly exploring new horizons and bringing new, innovative ideas to the world. A family business, made in Greece, that wishes to have a contribution to the design universe with its ideas and philosophy, but also to introduce the high-end design to its own land.

The certified production of the company, with more than 30 years of history, the awarded designers and the experienced executives in the fields of international markets and communication, are the 3 main pillars of al2.

The company is committed to produce design pieces that will last in time, with the use of high-quality materials and attention to detail, but also to show the world what the international design has to offer. The combination of artisanship and advanced machinery is what makes each product unique.

Al2’s first priority is the human experience.

This is the main reason why all products are in conversation with the space and the people around it, creating a welcoming atmosphere dedicated to aesthetic quality and positive vibes.

Elegance, sophistication, innovation and excellence are the values that exist across the company and its products.

Al2 is inspired by the man and his needs. This is the main reason why the brand tries to equip him with the tools to emphasise more on the unique but also the everyday experiences.

Design solutions for interior home furnishing are offered, always with the guidance of an expert, ensuring that the results are extraordinary.

Truly passionate

Art for living

Al2 cares about “art for living”. This is the message that sums up our value for great living, our willing to produce furniture that will last in time and that will contribute to the creation of more personal and authentic atmospheres. It is all about the experience someone gets when he feels the products, when he enters the al2 world.
Art for living is philosophy, a slogan that characterises our way of thinking and creating. For every product creation, al2 emphasizes to the aesthetics, functionality and comfort, so that it can reach the desired result. Positive and good design is a tool to enhance our humanity and to broaden our horizons.


There is soul in every al2 product. The people who work at the company are truly passionate for creating high-end, distinctive products and this passion is evident. Craftsmanship is part of the production process and we are really proud of it. Al2 products are an example of human-centred design, as many different people, from different work fields, come together to create them.


We at al2, always work taking into consideration the responsibility towards our people and towards the environment. Everyone in al2’s work environment is respected and we make constant efforts for everyone to be satisfied. Our way of working is always targeted towards a more sustainable way, trying for our materials to be from respected natural resources. 

Truly passionate-al2
Truly passionate-al2


Sotiris Lazou Design studio-al2

Sotiris Lazou Design studio

I believe in man and his ability to create. I believe in a free and expressive society. A society of wisdom and humanism. I believe in the words solidarity and future. I create to feel free!

Products by Sotiris Lazou Design studio
Ate Rote Design Studio-al2

Ate Rote Design Studio

Roberto Rota was born in Milan in 1980. He studied Architecture at the Politecnico of Milano, where, after graduating with honors, he began an academic career as didactic researcher and contractor at B.E.S.T department, in the Sustainable Design unit. Actually he is Visiting Lecturer at the GSSI in L'Aquila, teaching Advanced Tools for Design. He writes for Italian and English design magazines and a he is consultant in Design Driven Innovation for the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo. With Italian companies he exhibited at international furniture fairs and collaborates with the Nilufar Gallery in Milan. In 2015 he opened ATE ROTE Design Office.

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al2 Lab-al2

al2 Lab

The executive designers of al2 lab, with knowledge in the fields of interior and product design, create distinctive products that make their own statement.

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